One Hour Hate Crime Workshop

Awareness Session Programmes

Victim Support Cymru has been commissioned by the Welsh Government as the National Report and Support Centre for Hate Crime and Hate Incidents in Wales.

The National Service is set out in four categories:

  1. The National Third Party Reporting Centre for Hate Crimes and Incidents in Wales
  2. The Official Support provider for ALL Victims of Hate Crimes and Incidents in Wales
  3. To increase reporting of Hate Crimes and Hate Incidents in Wales
  4. To raise awareness of Hate Crimes and Hate Incidents in Wales

The data held by Victim Support Cymru feeds the Welsh Government Framework for Tackling Hate Crime, the All Wales Hate Crime Criminal Justice Board, the four Police Forces in Wales and the Local Authorities.

The Service is managed by Gareth Cuerden, All Wales Hate Crime Manager who can be contacted by email: who will be able to inform you who your local Victim Support Hate Crime Caseworker is in addition to assisting you with local approaches to tackling hate crimes / incidents and increasing reporting.

1 Hour Workshop

The 1 hour workshop has been designed as an entry level to begin the process of understanding hate crime and its impact on victims and society; the learning outcomes are focussed on providing the learner with a desire to want to know more.

This 1 hour workshop looks briefly at the definitions of the protected groups covered by the Hate Crime legislation in addition to the definition of hate crime.

The workshop predominantly focusses on self-learning through exercises that consider the impact of hate crime and self-reflection.

The session also gives details of what support is offered through the Victim Support National Hate Crime Service, the process and timescales.

Learning outcomes:

  • A basic understanding of the protected groups covered by hate crime legislation
  • Awareness of the Section 146 (Criminal Justice Act 2003)
  • An observed awareness of the impact of hate crime for a victim and society
  • Knowledge of the support available and their role within the process

Pre-attendance requirements:

  • If an e-learning corporate session is available to staff, make participants aware of the internal training and ask them to complete the module prior to attending the session


Resources and information about hate crime and the National Service can be obtained by visiting:

To book a session please contact Gareth Cuerden directly, or contact your Local Government Community Cohesion Officer to arrange the session on your behalf.

We recommend due to the group activities contained within the session that no more than 18 delegates attend the awareness programme; and no less than 8 delegates attend.

The sessions are delivered by Victim Support Hate Crime Staff or Volunteers operating in Wales and as such the sessions are not accredited and the learning outcomes may differ depending on the operational experience and background of the facilitator.

The facilitators are not necessarily trainers, but are actively working in the Hate Crime sector, supporting victims of hate crime and hate incidents; and have an in-depth  understanding to the issues victims face regarding hate crimes and hate incidents in Wales.